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Telf: 971 758 242   Fax: 971 203 425
C/ Licorers, núm 6-A
07141 Pol.Ind. Marratxí (Mallorca)

Our company was started in 1997, after gaining more than 15 years of experience in the restoration field.

We are dedicated to the Restoration of Historical and Artistic Heritage. We work recovering traditional techniques and materials, so that we get the most accurate results keeping in mind the original. We also act as consultants to other companies and individuals to help them to find the best solution to their case.

REFOART, SL looks for the recognition of its customers as a competitive, innovative and quality company, being true to itself in the pursuit and use of means and resources needed to provide a less invasive and protecting service with the Heritage, the environment and its own workers’ safety.

The REFOART team is its most important asset, and we have specialized technicians with a broad experience in this field, necessary to achieve the highest quality standards in restoration and rehabilitation.

The organization pursues a management aimed at reducing and controlling risks to health and safety, and prevention of pollution by controlling the negative environmental aspects.

Being aware of the importance of fulfilling the requirements of our customers and in order to achieve their satisfaction, has as its main objective to continuously improve the quality of activity and advice on conservation, restoration and rehabilitation of the Heritage.