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November 29 2020 - The tie breaker penalizes the reaction of the Refoart Muro Refoart Volei Muro added a bitter point yesterday after being very close to its first victory in Superliga 2 against Tarragona Sant Pere i Sant Pau (25-25, 25-16, 25-23, 18-25 and 10-15). (Diari de Mallorca)

November 15 2020 - "Restoration of the Talayotic village of s’Illot in Sant Llorenç" The Sant Llorenç city council has presented this week the actions carried out during the last 8 years in the Talayotic town of s’illot. (Diari de Mallorca)

October 27 2020 - "A positive of covid in the Refoart Muro postpones his match against Benidorm" The murer club is the first in our islands with a contagion of covid in its staff. (Diari de Mallorca)

October 25 2020 - "The Refoart Muro does not complete the comeback but scores a point" The team led by Tomeu Quetglas came very close to achieving their first victory on the CV Llars Mundet track yesterday, after forcing the fifth set and coming to dominate it 11-13 before conceding a decisive 4-0 set to tilt the balance in favor of the Catalan team (15-13). (Diari de Mallorca)

October 18 2020 - "The Mediterranean of Castellón bitter the home premiere of Refoart Volei Muro in Superliga 2" Refoart Volei Muro could not give its fans the victory in its debut yesterday in Superliga 2 after losing to the Mediterranean of Castellón by zero sets to three. (Diario de Mallorca).

October 17 2020 - "Refoart Muro debuts in Superllga against Castellón." Refoart CV Muro will be able to enjoy Superliga 2 after dominating Group C of the Primera Nacional with authority and achieving promotion. (Diario de Mallorca)

July 04 2020 - "La Misericòrdia will be completed in 2022 with multifunctional cultural spaces" Refoart, S.L. restored the façades subcontracted by RIGEL OVER, S.L.

March 17 2020 - "Sencelles restores two crosses that presented a poor state of conservation". Sa Cometa cross has been dismantled for its reform.(Diari de Mallorca)

December 23 2017 - Saint Bartomeu regains light One of the team members was Refoart, the only company specialized in Mallorca for this type of work.

September 27 2017 - "The Saint Bartomeu windows shine again”. The spectacular church’s facade is has restored a century after its construction. (Diari de Mallorca)

July 27 2017 - "The reform works discovered an unprecedented window on the facade of the parish" It’s a little circular window. This shape is know as bull’s eye. (Diari de Mallorca)

March 25 2017 - "The Ibanat restores one of the two towers of the Son Real public estate”. The Balearic Institut of Nature (Ibanat) has started this week the reform works and consolidation of one of the two towers located in the Son Real public estate.

February 25 2016 - "Restore the bulwark “hurt” Vila starts the rehabilitation of the Sant Jordi’s bastion, the first one building with a budget of 322,000 euros and that will end this year. (Diario de Ibiza)

February 24 2016 - "The rehabilitation of the Sant Jordi bastion begins" The works have been awarded to the company Refoart and the construction manager will be the architect Fernando Cobos. (Periódico de Ibiza)

February 22 2016 - "They finish the restoration of the meteorological column of the Spain Square”. The elements of the work have been rehabilitated and the clocks have been restored and repaired. (Diari de Mallorca)

January 12 2016 - "A company will rehabilitate the bulwark of Sant Jordi by 403.000 euros". The company Refoart S.L will rehabilitate the bulwark of Sant Jordi, the last bulwark of the seven in the historic ensemble of Dalt Vila. It’s the oldest one, waiting for to restore it.

May 22 2015 - "So far the tower des Pi des Català is the first and only one that can be visited in the island of Formentera" Once the restoration works on the tower have ended, it is now possible to visit its interior for the first time. It's the only one that can be visited on the island of Formentera. (Periódico de Ibiza)

March 20 2015 - "Beginning of the cleaning works of the fountain del gall" One of Pollenca's most emblemátics fountains. This monument is located in the Almonia's square. (Diario de Mallorca)

March 18 2015 - "The restored Sant francesc cementery has been opened to the public" The old Sant francesc cementery will be open to the public after restoration. It remained closed since 1940. (Diario de Ibiza)

March 18 2015 - "Three months of works at the entrance of the cemetery of Palma". Works of restoration in the monumental entrance of the municipal cemetery of Palma. The works will consist of the consolidation of several sections of ashlar masonry, stone cleaning and application of a protection treatment of the facade and other ornamental elements. (Periódico Última Hora).

August 23 2014 - "Sant Miquel reabre renovado". The temple celebrates his first Mass after three months ended for reform of the vault and the arch of the choir, deep cleaning and replacement of banks. (Diario de Mallorca)

July 23 2014 - "La Torre del Palau de Manacor recobra esplendor y se convierte en un atractivo turístico". Revaluation of the most iconic heritage. (Diario de Mallorca)

July 04 2014 - "El antiguo templo de Sant Miquel frena su deterioro". The thirteenth century church undergoes several months at a rehabilitation process funded by the parish and parishioners in order to reverse the process of degradation being treated. (Diario de Mallorca)

February 19 2014 - "Un gran andamio cubre la Iglesia para recoger muestras de la piedra". Technicians of the Consell de Mallorca currently analyzing the degree of deterioration of the facade of the parish church as a prelude to broader process of rehabilitation of the main face and the bridge of Santa Barbara. (Diario de Mallorca)

January 14 2014 - "Adjudicadas las obras de la iglesia de Villamuriel por 570.000 euros". The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has awarded the contract to the company Refoart S.L. The work will improve the tightness of the building, retrieved the storm drainage system, consolidate the vaults and new joinery is placed in the clerestory of the nave. (

December 19 2013 - "S'Argamassa desvela sus secretos". The rehabilitation of the aqueduct provides new data to researchers. The rehabilitation of S'Argamassa reveals its researchers that their height has doubled since its abandonment due to calcification.(Ultima Hora Ibiza)

December 19 2013 - "¿Acueducto o formación geológica?" The restoration works of the monument reveal that most of the structure is a calcareous sediment formed over 1,700 years. (Diario de Ibiza)

September 11 2013 - "Comienza la restauración del acueducto de s'Argamassa". The company Refoart S.L. will begin today a work funded by the Consell, the City of Santa Eulalia and Leader Plan. (

September 01 2013 - "Elías Torres urge a "completar" las obras del Baluard del Príncep". The stretch of the Baluard del Rei adjoining the Almudaina be the final piece to complete all rehabilitation ride on the walls. (Diario de Mallorca)

May 12 2013 - "Finaliza la restauración de la fachada barroca dels Socors". The arrangements on the portal, forward, shield and cracks have lasted a month and a half, and paid for by donations from the faithful. (Diario de Mallorca)

June 23 2011 - "The interpretation center of sa Capelleta presents itself in society" According to Garí, it is designed in a very didactic way for the understanding of visitors. (Periódico de Ibiza)

June 10 2010 - "Warning about the danger before the collapse of part of the Canaleta de Massanella" The intense winter rains have caused a significant collapse in the lower part of the gutter that has literally been suspended in a section of approximately five meters in length, 2 kilometers from Font del Prat.(Ultima Hora)